Vidyarambam in Brahmadharmalayam on 19th October 2018:

Vidyarambam  will be conducted  on 19th October 2018 at Brahmadharmalayam.

Retired Professors and  Principals from reputed Institutions  lead the Vidyarambam by writing Malayalam scripts first time on children’s tongue.

  1. Here the children who were  yet to begin their schooling are written “Satyame Namah:” and “Malayalam Script” on their tongue by Gurus mentioned above with Ezhuthani which is kept for the past one year at Brahmajyothi  in  Brahmadharmalayam .
  2. Another peculiarity is that elders also (Including students)  undergo same procedure hence the obstacle in their job as well as studies will be  removed.
  3. Books also will be kept for “Kriya” on October 17th and given back on Vidyarambam day.
  4. Those who are interested may please contact Ph.No. 9846462782; 9656410776(Add 0 from outside state)/0481-2471410

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