Unknown Diseases! Do you worry? The New Millennium award winner Dr.Ravimaster is a wonderful healer for unknown diseases


The chief justice of Kolkatta High court presented The New Millennium award (2002) to Dr.M.D.Ravimaster of Brahmadharmalayam for healing thousands of people from unknown diseases to modern medical sciences. The award giving ceremony can be seen here at fag end of the English video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UggeGvqOEVw

Those who are unable to walk, bedridden is walking all around after meeting Dr.Ravi master! It is amazing , afterwards doing job, even 20 years she suffered, that is the case with Mrs. Karthyayani (https://brahmadharmalayam.org/awards/testimonies/). She is from Kuthuparamba, Kannur District from Kerala, she has all medical records with her in this regard.   Mr. Ashokan from Adoor, Pathanam thitta was having uncontrolled itching and in consequence to this skin is moved out and caused severe burning, inflammation etc.  He had underwent medication and was severely sick due to drug allergy. His testimony also is a wonder how did he got healed can see under the same link.  Mrs.Shanthakumari Peethambaran, Changanasserry. Kottayam- Dt. was having  severe breathing problem for several years and got healed after consulting Ravimaster. 

Mrs.Vanaja, from  Konghazha, Pathanad, Kottayam-Dt. Kerala was paralyzed and bedridden due to rheumatic disease in the year 2002. She underwent all sort of treatments and moved from hospital to hospital but there was no signs of improvement and lost all the hopes. During 2004 heard about Ravi master and brought to Brahmadharmalayam by her relatives  miraculously she got healed completely. She can prove it with all  medical records which are still with her(https://brahmadharmalayam.org/awards/testimonies/).  Mr.Vijayan, from Mannur, Ernakulam -Dt. was suffering due to boils (outside) in lower abdomen side and it was so painful. None of the medicines could cure it. Vijayan came to Brahmadharmalayam, consulted Ravi master and  got healed completely since 3 years(2017). Mrs.Ajitha, from Mahe who had brought  her sister in-law to Ravimaster after marriage she did not get any children  even after 11 years of marriage. She underwent all sorts of treatments finally came to Brahmadharmalayam. Ravi Master assured her that she will conceive and with great astonishment within the predicted time, she became pregnant and now she is the mother of 2 children. 

 Mrs.Kalavathi from Bangalore came with many severe health problems like  kidney, heart related and she was consuming number of tablets a day to survive. She came to Dr.Ravimaster and got healed completely. Now she is not taking any medication (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqcblLX9FOo). Mrs.Sethulakshmi came from Tamil Nadu, Munnar with various health problems and got healed completely, her testimony can be seen here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD_Qo71PCxk  

Thousands of people have their testimonies but due to technical difficulties which are not highlighted here. This is not for getting any publicity or making any business. Those sufferer’s who have lost all the hopes will get relief  when they get this message and many will get rid of from diseases and can come to main stream of life.

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