Mannu, Jala Pooja at Brahmadharmalayam is on 6th January, 2019

The Brahma devotees are requested to bring soil and water from your residence for removal of negativity from your living place and make protection from evil forces. Every year devotees does once  this process  for the purification of the place where they live . This year will be conducted on Sunday 6th January, 2019. For this purpose as usual you have to come to Brahmadharmalayam and collect camphor from Dr.M.D.Ravi Master and collect the soil and water from your place according to Brahmaguru’s instructions. Camphor for  this purpose will be distributed from 10th  December onwards till 4th Dec., 2019  from Brahmadharmalayam. For more details contact +91-9656410776

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