Karkidaka Vavu-Pithru Moksha Kriya will give peacefulness to the departed souls-Dr.M.D.Ravi Master

No Moon(New Moon) Day of Karkkidaka month is referred as Karkidaka Vavu and is held in the month of ‘Karkidakam’ in the Malayalam calendar. The date falls in the month of July / August. Karkidaka Vavu day is considered as auspicious day to free the departed souls of their family members  from their earthly shackles and ensure their safe passage in the afterlife.

At Brahmadharmalayam (www.brahmadharmalayam.org) Pooja related Karkkidaka vavu will start at 9 a. m on 31st July2019. I perform this Kriya by calling all the assemblies of their relatives departed souls by the help of Brahmajyothi and give Theertha and break the bondage’s from evil forces and souls are liberated in the eternal realm and individual souls rest in peace. Majority of the problems in many families are due to their departed souls , who are not in a perfect state of peacefulness.  Once these souls are at peaceful state then family members who are here leading earthly life too get peace of mind and prosperity. Here we should know that there is life after death. Only our body is left in this world and our Souls will enter into astral world. According to the kama made in the Earthly life the individual souls are getting different astral world. Some souls are captured by evil which are under the influence of this forces which never get peacefulness and  have to be forcibly liberated that process is done on this day here in Brahmadharmalayam.

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