Brahma: The supreme soul of this universe, self-existent, absolute , and eternal, from which all things, emanate, and to which all return. This divine essence is incorporeal, immaterial, invisible, unborn, un created, without beginning and without end, illimitable, and inappreciable by the sense until the film of mortal blindness is removed. It is all pervading and infinite in its manifestations, in all nature, animate and in animate, in the highest God and in the meanest creature.
Tat Tvam Asi, a Sanskrit phrase, translated variously as “That thou art, That art thou, You are that, or That you are” is one of the Mahāvākyas (Grand Pronouncements) in Vedantic Sanatana Dharma.Most common in society are now wearing many yantras after performing thanthric and manthric Poojas. This will not help in any means to overcome difficulties.
Some people pretend to act as Gods with the power they gained through manthric, thanthric or by birth characteristics and declare that they are Gods. Here one thing is clear that a Mahout cannot become elephant. That means God only can act as God.
Like fragrance in flower God is omnipresent in all living and non-living beings. Fragrance in flower cannot be seen but we can sense its presence. In the same way we can feel the presence of God by living a disciplined life and doing good karma. Hence it is not possible to show or touch and point out God.We have to find out God through spirituality and realize God power in us. Through hard and sincere work (karma) we can find it. Our speaking words and work should be good and in harmony with society. If one can connect his soul with others, then God realization will come and his spiritual powers increases which lead to solving problems in his life. Which are essential for human beings.THE IMPORTANT SPECIALITY OF BRAHMADHARMALAYAM1. Charity work without any motives of making any profit
2. No religious barrier for treatment and prayer.All religions are equally treated. No manthras and offering. Only God is worshipped through prayer.
3. From the beginning till this time no corruption or any sort of issues arise against Brahmadharmalayam. When during the time Gov. made an inquiry for most of the spiritual centers in Kerala, they included Brahmadharmalayam also but they gave clean chit which enhanced the fame.
4. Introduced Trust and implemented – By the joint effort by devotees the Trust Support for education, self employments, marriage, food distribution, housing etc.
5. The treatment introduced to the world by Dr. M.D.Ravi Master “Brahma Meditation Therapy” is simple to adopt and practice. There is no strict regulations on food like dieting, fasting , or not imposing any medicine, Yoga practicing etc. (Exceptions for Cancer , Psoriasis etc. there is some regulations on food)


*If you are searching for me I am in you
*Do not search for me in temples, mosques and churches. I am in you.

*Forsake your immoralities. You will not be able to sense my presence until you forsake the immoralities.

*I do not need your offerings or money. I will be satisfied only with your pure mind and your truthful words and actions.

*There is no purity in impurity. And there is no impurity in purity.

*You will attain peacefulness and you will be free from diseases only at that moment when you realize that I am in you.

*When you raise your arm against another person do remember that I am in him also.

*When you help others, remember that help shall not be for the purpose of achieving fame.

*You need money, but that money will turn out to be your devil if you do not keep it under your control.

*It is myself, the Divine soul who is the son as well as the father. Be aware of the truth that the Divine soul is inside you. Be aware of the truth that I am in you. The totality of my Creation is being sustained through you.
*When you believe completely in ‘Para Brahma’ who is responsible for all creations, you will find joyfulness. Let your belief in the ‘Para Brahma’ be firm.