Dr.M.D.Ravi Master is known as  Physician  of the  new  millennium  award winner and  healer who  can cure diseases  caused by “Negativity”. If the disease is due to  the genuine cause you have to depend upon Medical Sciences but if not and is  due to negativity you can  consult Dr.Ravi Master of Brahmadharmalayam. Medical Sciences after diagnosis find all the test reports are negative but even then patient is bedridden or severely sick,  then the illness is refereed as unknown disease. These are mainly due to negativity. Even one behaves like some one else and talk different language is generally called as psychiatric problem but it is due to the affect of negative energy some times we refer as spirit
After examining Ravi Masters excellence in treatment, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata awarded him Doctor of Medicine (M.D) which is an authorized certificate for treating the patients. Ravi Master is sincerely serving the society by God-given powers and his age of treatment is attained 24 (2018) years now.

Ravi Master is born in Thiruvanchur, Kottayam District Kerala in a Hindu family. His father is Shri. Damodaran and mother Late. Smt.Janaki. From childhood itself Ravi exhibited the power to predict and his friends and relatives were astonished when his predictions came true. As he grew up, he opted his profession as a Tailor and was an expert in his field. People loved and respected him always. He was fondly called as Master and he became popularly known as Ravi Master. Later he got married to Mollikkutty , who hails from a respectable  family of Iyyalil, Mamood, a small Village near Changanassery. They got three children and all are boys. Their first son Vinod,was born on 5th November, 1986. when he was born the child was having only 750 gms. weight. Later on they found that the child was not having eyesight and unable to walk. They took him to many Doctors and they expressed their helplessness to cure their child using modern medicine. As the only way out parents started praying to God.

On the evening of 16 January 1993, Ravi Master was about to light the lamp for prayer and asked his wife to bring the match box. At that time a lightning descended from above with a great thunder and passed through his body. To his utter amazement he found that the lamp kept before him was lit due to this lightning. He was not able to understand what exactly happened when a mild highly loving voice fell on his ears telling him not to be afraid or confused. Further he felt the voice falling on his ears, as “I am Brahman,the life force and creator of this Universe. Now I have entered in you. Through you thousands and thousands of people will get cured of all their illness and will enjoy total peace in days to come. You need not have to worry about your son,he will get sight soon and will walk within four days”. Initially Ravi Master thought it was a dream. But on the fourth day his son walked in front of him and he realized that Brahman has actually entered in him. Later his son got eyesight too. From then on he was carrying out his activities in accordance with the instructions given to him from the lamp. He left his job as and when he was directed to do so and engaged fully in curing people suffering from all types of diseases caused by “negativity”. These include many serious illness like Cancer,Psoriasis, severe backache and headache and such diseases for which specific medicines to cure are not available in modern medicine or in any other system of treatment. He is doing this as a service to humanity.  More than 8 lakhs (Till 2015) people have reaped the benefit out of his treatment, using only spiritual power and the treatment is known as BRAHMA MEDITATION THERAPY. It is a wonder that, none of the available medicines of any system are used by him for treating his patients. Thus his line of treatment using only spiritual power remains a wonder to the whole of humanity.