Brahma Meditation Therapy is the best medicine for chronic diseases

Dr. M.D. Ravi Master, who is known as “Brahmadharmalayacharyan” (Means leader & Spiritual guide of Brahmadharmalayam) is healing millions of people through Brahma Meditation Therapy for the past twenty five years (2019) and helping them to lead a rightful life. Dr. Ravi Master is the force behind “Brahmadharmalayam”, Spiritual Healing Center and he is not considering the religion, caste and creed of the people who ever reach to him for treatment. Dr. Ravi Master is curing the patients suffering from chronic diseases and bringing them back to the main stream of life . Most of the patients who reached to him finally are gone through the treatment of all branches of medical sciences and rejected by them. He firmly gives emphasis on belief in “Parabrahma” (only one God). The Upanishads giving insight to “Parabrahma” deals with Vedantic philosophy of Indian culture and transcendental experiences gained by Rishis ( Indian sages) which presently the society is ignoring and forgetting. Ravi Master is aiming to lead people and make them believe “Parabrahma”. RIGHT BELIEF IS THE RIGHT WAY Dr. Ravi Master is giving importance for spirituality in human life and his main objective is to help the society to lead a spiritual life. At the same time he is giving importance to this material life, also how to lead a better life by connecting both by giving same significance and making a fruitful society.

He is spreading the doctrine that peace and happiness of humanity is related to their kriya (How they serve and work in life). Those who do wrong, they will have to lead a terrible life and one’s kriya decides the direction of individuals life. Ravi Master’s Brahma Meditation therapy is easy to practice and least expensive. On applying this he has brought thousands and thousands of sick people who are suffering from chronic diseases rejected by modern medical sciences back to normal life. When all other treatments fails people get faith and depends on Brahmadharmalayam. Absolutely Dr. Ravi Master is not giving any medicines, hence this is an unusual type of treatment. This treatment is a great astonishment and people are now discussing it world widely. This sort of treatment is existed in this world since ancient period but due to the growth of modern science we criticized and rejected these types of treatments. Whom should be worshiped? This present period we should appraise the teaching of Upanishads but majority of our society are not making any attempt to gather knowledge or giving awareness to the younger generation about this. If the religions extract the common essence of this then most of the problems can be solved.

The people who does not know whom to be worshiped, how to be worshiped and they are wandering for God. The power of God is manifested in the universe and it is the essence of life force. Every religion is talking about this life force but unfortunately majority of the religions are not worshiping this Universal force instead they give importance to deity worshiping. Hence this sort of worshiping does not fulfill the prayer to reach God and the souls of these devotees join to these deities later. Most common in society are now wearing many yanthras after performing thanthric and manthric Poojas. This will not help in any means to overcome difficulties.

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