Black Magic can ruin family and one’s life: Only way to protect from this sort of negativity is to worship the creator of the Universe that is God

Today’s main problem is one person  cannot see another’s  progress. Even in business, job, politics this may happen.  Jealousy which would lead  to damage the other by sending negative forces created through Black Magic to destroy envy. This is rather we can indirectly say that a scientific way to create negative forces  by gathering some sort of evil energy and targeting the enemy. Some times the whole family of the opponent will be targeted and this can cause death, illness, suicide, paralysis, , ruin business and may cause psychiatric problems to them. Initially the doer can enjoy but later he will get great troubles. Only worshiping God, the Omnipresent who created the Universe, who has no name or form we can refer “Parabrahma” can save you from Black Magic. You can pray and surrender to God by confessing your faults and place your troubles to God in silent meditation. If your prayers are sincere definitely you may get relief from troubles and you will be guided to overcome your difficulties indirectly.

Many people are coming to me at Brahmadharmalayam ( with these type of problems  which I place their sorrows to  Brahmajyothi  and they get relief. One should not do this sort of Black Magic that will in turn damage the doer later. Here I quote Newtons third law, that every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Hence the sinners also will be saved by regretting and confessing to God. Also affirm that such things never repeat from my side hereafter and surrender to God by doing good to the others.

Dr.M.D.Ravi Master (Brahmadharmalayam)

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