(There are thousands of sufferers got cured but few Testimony’s are only given here )
My brother’s miraculous escape from death due to kidney failure and related problems are only because of Ravi Master’s guidance from Brahmajyothi:


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  • Nisha from Bangalore (Phone: 09513069891 and from abroad  add +91 prior to the number)

Mrs.P.Karthika, Paraprath House, Mooryad-P.O.,
Kuthuparamba, Kannur Dt. Phone: 9946643062

I was suffering from backache for about 22 years. I took several treatments I lost all the hopes at that time I heard about  Dr. Ravi Master and came to Brahmadharmalayam  for “Brahmatheertha Maholsav”  (2006) , I drunk the divine medicine “Brahmatheertham” I got relief in pain. Afterwards I came again to Brahmadharmalayam on treatment day (Friday) . I entered into the room where the “jyothi” is kept along with my husband. Hardly 10 minutes it took to heal me. The procedure is that Master used to cut a wick after lighting with a scissor in front of Brahmajyothi (After making few  rounds around head)   on the same day I got cured. Till this time (2017) I did not get pain afterwards.  I was wearing belt , Ravi master asked me to throw it away. I did not use it afterwards.   Now I am perfectly alright doing work also. In my life progress and prosperity came afterwards. Still I visit Brahmadharmalayam regularly (Not necessary but as my wish and gratitude to Master for giving life)   for prayer and according to the instruction given by Dr.Ravi Master I am living and leading a peaceful life. Luckily that day one channel took video  , hence my treatment can be seen in that it is a record and all medical certificates were submitted to Brahmadharmalayam Office that time.

I have a request to all of you who are reading this message. Simply do not criticize Dr. Ravi Master and Brahmadharmalayam. Come and see what is happening there. If you are not convinced with your eye , you can do it otherwise it is a great sin.  Why people should simply support and thousands are coming there? Experience is Guru.  My experience I can share with any one who challenges with full proof.



  Ph. No. 9846966369

I was undergoing treatment for skin disease. Uncontrolled itching and in consequence to this skin is moved out and caused severe burning, inflammation etc.  I underwent medication and I was severely sick due to drug allergy. My condition was very complicated; I was bedridden and about to die.  Due to God’s grace I came to know about Ravi Master ( Four years before)  and initially I thought it is only to console me since I am dying and for keeping me contented to take me to Brahmadharmalayam.  In the name of God  I would say it was miraculous. First instance itself when I entered into Jyothi room, I lost my control and about fall. Then Ravi master told me “you have Naga Dosha” (Negative energy from evil forces) that is leaving from your body. Then he had instructed me to do certain things. First day itself I got 50 % relief. Another 7 times every Sunday I went there and miraculously healed and I got back in to normal life. Now there is no scar on my skin and completely healed from drug allergy. Also my living conditions improved peace of mind and prosperity came in life. Those who read my story please do not consider it is a fake story, I have records and proof. I surprised to see Ravi Master but Master used to be simple among us no ego or any sort of pretending to be like God or anything. He used to advice us pray to God almighty, I am only like you.  How simple Master is , even those who doesn’t know about his caliber at least once come and see his capability and  evaluate the merits of Ravi master.

Shobana Maheswaran

Ilanthur, Pariyaram,

Pathanam Thitta, Kerala

Ph.No. 9207682212

I was having severe problem with my spinal cord Many Doctors were treated and changed  medicines time to time and I could not walk properly.  I used to walk with great pain just like inverted “U” manner. Finally medical diagnosis report confirmed  that there developed a gap in my spinal cord and an emergency operation is needed even then there is no guaranty that fully give relief. Later my husband got the information about Dr.M.D.Ravi Master and brought to Brahmadharmalayam. I got healed completely. Nobody believes it but this is the truth in the name of God.  Now I am doing all sorts of domestic work like others,  I am involving in social life. Hundred times I thank Dr.Ravi Master who saved and gave me normal  life again.

Ramavathi.V.V., “Prasadam”, Muthiyanga.P.O., Karyattupuram, Kannur. Phone: 9400860192

I have been suffering from allergy and skin disease (Psoriasis) for about 8 years. I underwent treatment in Allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy & ottamooly. But I did not get relief. After meeting Ravi Master (2005) within few days I got healed completely.

Mrs.Shanthakumari Peethambaran, “Poothiot House”Pandikavu-P.O, Perunna West, Changanasserry. Kottayam- Dt. Ph,No. 9544661794.

Severe breathing problem due to the shrinking of lungs. I came and consulted Ravi Master twenty  years before. I am perfectly alright for 20 years(2017). Still, I visit regularly and attend prayers to almighty.

Usha, Koikka Parambil, Thopramkudi-P.O, Idukki-Dt. (Ph. 9605931140)

I came to Brahmadharmalayam  for a problem concerned to my husband . He was highly alcoholic and took him to many De-Addiction Centers  in Kerala but all efforts were in vain .  After some time there was no idea what to do next, that time I heard about Brahmadharmalayam and came in 1996 and consulted Ravi Master and on that day itself my  husband put an end to drinking habit. He did not touch it afterwards till this time.  After coming here I heard about unknown disease also will be cured.  I was having severe infection in my ear and around it (serious skin problem) that also got healed miraculously. Also my family conditions improved peace and prosperity came in my family. We have 3 daughters and all are leading better life. Thank God (2017).

Devaki.P.M, “Varikkat”, Cherkkadavu, Kottayam- Dt. 

Since 22 years(2017) I am coming to Brahmadharmalayam. I came for my husbands treatment, he was having severe chest pain and consulted many doctors and alternative treatments but after taking Ravi Master’s treatment got cured completely.

Vanaja, Naraprayil House, Konghazha .P.O, Pathanad, Kottayam-Dt. Kerala  (Phone : 9497086769)

I was paralyzed and bedridden due to rheumatic disease in the year 2002. I underwent all sort of treatments and moved from hospital to hospital but there was no signs of improvement and lost all the hopes. During 2004 heard about Ravi master and brought to Brahmadharmalayam by my relatives and Ravi Master asked us to come for about 7 times for treatment. Slowly my conditions improved and that year  Brahmatheertha Maholsav we all were attended and drunk Brahmatheertham, miraculously I got healed completely. Also, I have breathing problem for about 18 years that also got healed.  I can prove it with all the medical records I have with me. It is my experience and my life.

Vijayan, Chakkumolathu, P.O.Kezhillam, Mannur, Ernakulam -Dt. (Ph. 9744239357)

I was suffering due to boils (outside) in lower abdomen side and it was so painful. When I take medicine I  get relief from pain for 2 to 3 days.  I underwent medication in various fields there were no signs of improvement finally a friend told me about Ravi master and I came in Brahmadharmalayam without any confidence but I got healed completely since 3 years(2017).

Ajitha, Mahe (Ph.9633211168)

I came along with my brother in Brahmadharmalayam. He was married and he did not get any child even after 11 years of marriage. His wife underwent all sorts of treatments finally they have got a prompt result and advice that she will not conceive and the problem is related to his wife better to adopt a child. That time heard about Ravi master from a neighbor Mr. Mohan and came to Brahmadharmalayam. Ravi Master assured her that she will conceive and with great astonishment within the predicted time, she became pregnant.  Then consulted doctors for a usual checkup and after scanning they asked to abort it. After hearing the shocking result came to  Ravi master and Master too of the same opinion that better to abort it and Ravi master again assured that she will conceive after 3 months. The same thing happened as predicted. Now they are blessed with two children(First one girl now 9 years old and a boy 7 years old in 2017). They are happily living in abroad (Sultanate of Oman). Thanks to  Ravi Master.  Praying to almighty the creator of this Universe.

Sobana, “Thundyil” Naranganam, Pathanamthitta.

I have been here in Brahmadharmalayam since 22 years(2017). I have got two boys. Elder one was having severe skin problem and got healed after consulting Ravi Master and following Master’s instructions.

I have a miraculous  experience no one believes it. My second son has got severe chest pain and took him to hospital and from there I called Ravi Master and Master asked me to keep the  phone to his ear and his pain reduced and got discharged immediately. People may laugh when I say this to common men but those who know Ravimaster it is a usual thing.  These are my experiences. Now we are leading a better life due to the grace of God. Master by experience showed us there is God that is only one and only one  the creator of this Universe, we are worshiping according to  Master’s instructions . Ravi Master always caution us do not imagine him when we do  prayer or never keep any of his photos for worshiping.  Master give emphasis to worship God, “I am like you  an ordinary person and only giving you guidance based on the instructions from Brahmajyothi. You can respect me but do not make any sort of worship then I say that you are not spiritually progressing instead you are  going backwards.”

Vasumathi “ThondikaPoykayil”, Mallavasserry-P.O, Pathanamthitta (Ph. 9946404337)

I came here in Brahmadharmalayam ,   since 17 years (2017) . My son was having severe breathing problem and frequent fever it continued up to 18 years, which  began when he was three  and a half years old. At that age he was very weak and really we lost all hopes. None of the medicines were given at that time ,  only vitamin tablets used to give and  lost confidence in bringing him to normal life. We also got indirect hinting from Doctors that he may die at any time. When we brought him here in Brahmadharmalayam  Ravi master informed us that  it is due to negativity and negative energy entered in  him when you conceived him. So fast was the healing and he got completely alright after coming to Ravi master. Now he is leading a healthy and prosperous life. Working  as driver (Taxi) of his own vehicle. We are extremely thankful to Dr.Ravi Master and Brahmadharmalayam.

Mrs. SheejaRajendran, Mukkal House, Karukachal, Kottayam Dt.

I have brought my child at the age of seven months to Ravi Master (2000) due to severe epilepsy / Apasmara, seventeen years back. She is cured completely.