The Celebration was started on March 10th  Saturday morning at 10.30  by inaugurating the function – lighting the lamp by Adv. T.K.Prasad, General Convener of Brahmadharmalayam.  Followed by prayer and testimonials by devotees. Brahmagu Dr. Ravimaster removed the obstacles from  devotees due to negativity called Graha Dosha Nivarana Kriya at noon on the same day.  In the evening thousands of devotees were witnessed to see the Brahmajyothi  for short duration of about 40 minutes (6.30 P.M. to 7.10 P.M). God Almighty the essence -creator of this Universe through the light from Brahmajyothi  blessed the gathering. The power of Brahmajyothi  is directly witnessed by many who were having negativity could not stand properly but fallen in front of the jyothy and their relatives and volunteers helped them to move from there.   Afterwards there was a speech by veteran Priest Sree.Vijayan Nambuthiripad on “spirituality and negativity”. In the night cultural programs were conducted.

On Sunday 11th March , 2018 Brahmatheertha Panam was inaugurated by retired Defence Officer Mr. Kunhiraman Nambiar.  Thousands were drunk Brahmatheertham.


Those who drink this Brahma Theertham their souls are purified sins are washed away and they will become perfect human beings. They would also get relief from illness. According to Brahma Guru after death some souls are being captured and under the binding force of Kali (Negative forces) and other souls reaches to higher planes. Those who drinks Brahma Theertham , their dependents need not have to perform any kriya or pooja for getting peace for the departed souls which rests in peace.

Every year Brahma Guru gets the information regarding the date of Brahma Theertham well in advance from the lamp (Swayamboo Deepam) and announces it to devotees. On that day planetary forces (Navagraha Sakthi) beam on to Brahma Guru’s body, in turn Guru redirect it in to the water, which Guru used to keep in front of the lamp in a large vessel. Due to this power water become divine and called Brahma Theertham.

Brahmajyothi Darsan:

The Swayamboo deepam (The self existent lamp) which was formed in Brahmadharmalayam 23 years before on one fine dusk which is the source of potential positive energy created by Paramatma (The supreme soul – GOD) is exhibited to the devotees once in a year can have darsan (See with naked eye) 

Importance of Brahmajyothi Darsan :

Those who see this on that auspicious occasion they get relief from sickness if it is due to negativity. Jyothidarsan will also enhance inner fulfillment of joy and bliss which will lead to perfect satisfaction, calmness and peace of mind. Problems in career, business, studies , obstacles in life are solved at some extent (If it is due to negativity).





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