Brahma meditation therapy is an alternative treatment to remove negativity and cure the patient without spending huge amount. Here Dr.M.D. Ravi Master who is the winner of the New Millennium award for treating patients with chronic diseases is the supreme of Brahmadharmalayam.

The world is now recognizing Dr.M.D.Ravi Master.  At present era “Negativity” plays  vital role in  human beings,  which cause  numerous  diseases in human body. This can produce cancer, psoriasis, congestive  heart  failure, mental  diseases, suicidal tendency, alcoholic addiction, quarrel  and  negative approaches towards life.

Dr.M.D.Ravi Master is known as  Physician  of the  new  millennium  award winner and  healer who  can cure diseases  caused by “Negativity”. If the disease is due to  the genuine cause you have to depend upon Medical Sciences but if not and is  due to negativity you can  consult Dr.Ravi Master of Brahmadharmalayam. Medical Sciences after diagnosis find all the test reports are negative but even then patient is bedridden or severely sick,  then the illness is refereed as unknown disease. These are mainly due to negativity. Even one behaves like some one else and talk different language is generally called as psychiatric problem but it is due to the affect of negative energy some times we refer as spirit

We can proudly say that only he who can fight against negativity producing evil forces by  God given powers.  Ravi Master’s treatment is known as “Brahma Meditation Therapy”. The witnesses for Ravi Masters ability in therapeutic are the living human’s rejected by all branches medicine  due to chronic diseases which they predicted not curable and live only few days, who are still alive for many years and are having all documented evidences of certificates in this regard.

After examining Ravi Masters excellence in treatment, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata awarded him Doctor of Medicine (M.D) which is an authorized certificate for treating the patients. Ravi Master is sincerely serving the society by God-given powers and his age of treatment is attained 24 (2018) years now.




I was suffering from a backache for about 22 years. I took several treatments I lost all the hopes at that time I heard about  Dr. Ravi Master and came to Brahmadharmalayam  for "Brahmatheertha Maholsav"  (2006), I drunk the divine medicine "Brahmatheertham" I got relief in pain. Afterwards, I came again to Brahmadharmalayam on treatment day (Friday). I entered the  (Read more...)

Mrs.P.Karthika, Paraprath House, Mooryad-P.O., Kuthuparamba, Kannur Dt. Phone: 9946643062

I have been here in Brahmadharmalayam since 22 years(2017). I have got two boys. Elder one was having severe skin problem and got healed after consulting Ravi Master and following Master’s instructions. I have a miraculous  experience no one believes it. My second son has got severe chest pain and took him to hospital and from there I called Ravi  (Read more...)

Sobana, “Thundyil” Naranganam, Pathanamthitta.

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